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The Olde Tyme Meats Story

It all started in the great pandemic of 2020...


Meat was in low supply in the grocery stores and butcher shops were swamped with work scheduled into 2022.

For many years Lil' Ponderosa had butchered our Family Cow beef and pork here... But now suddenly they were too busy to keep up with demand.

That's when we Shanks decided to buy the butcher shop. We did major renovations to increase production and now we are able to help secure the community meat supply.

It's our goal to provide your farm with high quality USDA processing to impress your customers.

  1. Humanely Slaughtered, Expertly Cut, and Carefully Packaged for market

  2. Quality Burgers & Sausages with no fillers added

  3. No Citric Acid in the butchering process... only Apple Cider Vinegar and Celtic Sea Salt.


All the best,

The Shanks

Meet the Butchers

See the team picture below and read this newsletter to get to know them better.

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