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USDA Butcher Shop

High quality Beef & Pork processing especially for Direct Marketing farms
Local Butchering the Olde Tyme way!


✓ Humanely Slaughtered, Expertly Cut, and Carefully Packaged for market
✓ No Citric Acid used on hanging carcass... only Apple Cider Vinegar
✓ Quality Burgers & Sausages with no fillers added

Here are some of the Olde Tyme differences you can depend on.

  1. We know the high standards farmers need when providing quality meat direct to the consumer. This is what we specialize in. Humane harvesting, expert processing, and quality packaging to provide your customer with the type of steak they can eat with confidence. 

  2. We commit to season the old-fashioned way... No MSGs in Olde Tyme Meats!

  3. We commit to smoke our own meats in our own smokehouse with real hickory smoke... No artificial liquid smoke!

  4. Old World Transparency... You get to know your butcher, shake his hand, be his friend and ask him hard questions.

So as you can see, "Olde Tyme Meats" is not just a name... It is our commitment.

This is the Olde Tyme Meat vision. This is what you can depend on from us. We hope to always honor your trust and exceed your expectations.

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